Troop Support Program

EMCOR has a strong commitment to reach out and help those employees and members of our community who serve in the armed forces.

EMCOR’s Troop Support Program has four primary pillars:

  • Provide Jobs—Hiring Initiative
  • Provide Education—Involvement in Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund
  • Say “We Support You”—Military “Care” Packages
  • Support Our Future—Army West Point Team Sponsorship

Provide Jobs—Hiring Initiative

EMCOR has exciting employment opportunities—from leadership and management positions to skilled vocational and specialized trade jobs—for men and women with valuable military experience. They have proudly served our great country. Now we welcome them to come serve our great company.


View our television commercial.


View our television commercial.

We value veterans and their principles of discipline, hard work, and leadership. That’s why we’ve built a Fortune 500® culture that recognizes and rewards military experience. When veterans decide to work for EMCOR, they join over 1,600 other veterans and will have access to EMCOR’s special personnel training and vocational coaching, all designed to speed up our emloyees’ success in the business world.

Provide Education—Involvement in Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund


The Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund’s mission is to help veterans and their families through education assistance. Assistance includes college scholarships and grants, financial aid for professional certification programs and non-degree programs, and educational career counseling and mentorship.

The Fund is named in memory of Colonel John “Johnny Mac” McHugh, who was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2010, leaving behind a family of 5 children. It was founded by a group of John’s West Point classmates from the Class of 1986 who are inspired by John’s service and sacrifice and who wish to give back to those who have given so much.

Funding for the program is raised through corporate sponsorship, like EMCOR’s, and special events.

EMCOR respects and appreciates the commitment our veterans and active servicemen and -women have made to serving our country. That’s why we’re committed to supporting them abroad and when they return home through these programs.

And why we need their skills and experience on our team as we build, power, serve, and protect American businesses across numerous industries.

Say “We Support You”—Military “Care” Packages


We send care packages several times a year to our employees, associates, families, and friends deployed overseas. To date, we have sent over 1,000 care packages to troops serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, Italy, and Germany.

These care packages contain non-perishable food items, reading and writing materials, clothing, and other useful things that can be shared amongst the unit.

It is our hope that these small gifts can help bring “a little bit of home” to those serving our country abroad.

View our video of the program.

Support Our Future—Army West Point Team


As an ARMY West Point Team Sponsor, EMCOR creates awareness for our military recruiting efforts and the value we place on supporting our military in general.

To this end, a range of tactics and media are deployed over the course of the year, including television, radio, video, web, social media, digital, and static signage in the stadium, all of which reach a wide audience estimated to be 300,000 people per football game.

Staying Strong by Hiring Strong

Just as we need military might to have a strong country, a company needs the power of its people in order to be strong. As a Fortune 500® company that leads the way in mechanical and electrical construction, industrial and energy infrastructure, and building services, we believe strongly that veterans serve our customers better because they were so skilled at serving our country. We’re proud that in a number of ways EMCOR supports those who have served, and are serving, our country. The discipline, leadership, and teamwork veterans bring to work every day is a core part of who we are—and what drives us—as an organization.