Touching Lives®

EMCOR Group's Corporate Responsibility Program

Whether we’re helping to locate missing children or supporting breast cancer awareness all across the country, EMCOR is truly committed to touching the lives of everyone we can.

KidSafety Program

tltoc_kidsafety.jpgIn 2005, EMCOR launched Taking KidSafety to the Street™, a three-part initiative to help find missing children and promote child safety on the streets, in buildings, and at home.

Read more about KidSafety.

Troops Support Program

tlctoc_troop.jpgEMCOR has a strong commitment to support those employees that protect the safety of our country. Find out more about how we support our troops.

Pink Hard Hat Program


EMCOR pink hard hats are worn by EMCOR employees at job sites from one end of the country to the other in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Employees and others also don pink hard hats and form EMCOR’s signature human pink hard hat ribbon as a “call to action” in support of raising breast cancer awareness.

Read more about our important call to action.

ACE Mentor Program

tltoc_ace.jpgEMCOR supports the ACE program all across the country. Our employees give their time as mentors or board members, giving high school students real-world experience and scholarship opportunities. Read more about ACE.